Counseling & Psychotherapy in Naperville, IL

Welcome to Barbara Kenedy & Associates in Naperville, Illinois. We have been providing counseling and psychotherapy services in downtown Naperville for over 30 years. Our goal as skilled professionals is to provide the help necessary to overcome the present difficulties and to ensure that the gains made outlast the time of crisis.

All individuals and families go through predictable life stages and situational crises which often lead to high levels of emotional stress and lowered levels of coping.

During these times, seeking professional help for oneself or for family members is a sign of strength which can lead to relief and renewed ability to cope with work, school, family and friends.

“In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer”

- Albert Camus

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When Should You Seek Help?

Barbara Kenedy and Associates have seen many warning signs for when an individual should seek professional therapy or counseling. Sometimes an individual will experience one of these symptoms but most of the time many of these symptoms occur at the same time.
Distress signals might include one or many of these:
  • Persistent feelings of dissatisfaction with your marriage or family life.
  • Problems with a child's behavior, school adjustment or performance.
  • Feelings of loneliness, moodiness, depression, failure, anxiety.
  • Unusual fatigue and/or a high degree of irritability with children, others.
  • Difficulties in communication with family members, friends, co-workers.
  • Difficulty in setting or reaching goals.
  • Problems with alcohol and/or drugs (including the need for tranquilizers, energizers, sleep aids)
  • Drastic weight fluctuations, irregular eating patterns and/or change in sleep patterns.
  • Unmanageable impulsiveness, anger, hostility or violence (directed at self or others)
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